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Focus on Karen Davis - a welcome addition to the partnership

16 September 2017

Karen Davis from Tailored Moves is a recent and much welcomed addition to the partnership. Karen will be working as part of the team, providing specialist support to clients making later life moves. With a background in operations, HR, finance and management – Karen brings a wide range of business experience to the partnership, combined with an understanding of moving home in later life.
On becoming a move manager Karen says ‘when I left my HR role, I was looking to use my skillset and also help people in a practical way. I assisted my mother move into sheltered accommodation in the summer of 2016 and realised there was was real need for experienced and multi-skilled managers to assist in this process, from identifying options, reviewing legal documents, negotiating contracts to assisting in the downsizing and logistics of the move. In addition, there is of course the emotional support and amazing response that we receive in the form of feedback from those we are helping’.

Karen sums up the positive benefits of supporting later life movers – ‘I love being able to make a practical and positive difference to the lives of those we assist, knowing that their lives have improved as a consequence of our involvement’. At the Senior Move Partnership we couldn’t agree more, that is why we do what we do!

by The Senior Move Partnership