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Support For Families

If you are a family member located at a distance from a beloved senior, we can work closely with you to ensure they have a smooth and stress free move to their new home.

Through our knowledge and expertise The Senior Move Partnership can be relied upon to help older clients manage the emotional and physical aspects that arise when changes in the home environment occur, whether made through personal choice or by necessity.

Our experience and understanding enable us to provide advice to families during the moving process in addition to delivering peace of mind to those moving home.

Assisting older people to move home brings its own set of challenges which require sensitive support. Often older family members have lived in their home for a very long time – raising their families. Each room will evoke special memories and possessions will be precious for a wide range of reasons.

Often moving home in later life means downsizing to a smaller property and that can mean they will be unable to take everything with them. We can help you to manage what can be a stressful and time consuming process.

We can arrange and manage entire moves. We can assist with local or longer distance relocations – perhaps a family member is moving to live nearer to family support? Or is moving some distance to a particular retirement village that they have had their eye on?

We will develop and deliver a plan to exactly meet our client’s needs. We can provide as little or as much support as required – working with the family on specific tasks or we can deliver the whole move.

We are committed to delivering an excellent service – rest assured your senior loved one will be
in safe hands with us.