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Helping prospective residents make a supported move

Making the transition from their own home to residential or nursing care can be an overwhelming experience for many. The worry of how to manage leaving their old home can seriously impact on the older person’s ability to settle into their new surroundings.

A later life move can become a more positive experience when working with a dedicated Senior Move Manager. The Senior Move Partnership can help make what is a difficult time, more manageable for all concerned. Working in partnership with care and nursing home providers we deliver both the physical and emotional support to ensure that the moving process is as smooth as possible, enabling new residents to arrive ready to embrace their new life.

Where a client needs to move quickly into care, there is often very little time to sort out their belongings or affairs before they move. This can be very worrying for clients and can impede their ability to settle into their new home. As Senior Move Managers we take the time to talk with the client to understand what they want to happen with their old home and possessions and then carry out their instructions.

We can provide sensitive assistance including:

  • Help with selling the old home (dealing with solicitors, estate agents and utilities)
  • Help with sorting through belongings so the right items are chosen for the new home
  • Organising the move and supporting the new resident on move day
  • Personal tasks for example, dealing with personal papers, naming of clothes
  • Disposing of furniture and possessions from the old home according to wishes of the older person through charitable donation, disposal or sale
  • Reading meters, cleaning and ensuring the old home is ready for its new occupier.

We always keep our clients fully informed of progress and take photographs to illustrate the work being done – reassuring them that their belongings are being treated respectfully.

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