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Older people can find the thought of the actual house move overwhelming

This generally means downsizing which is both physically and emotionally challenging. This can inevitably hinder a smooth sales process, as the realisation of what the actual move will involve takes hold and inertia can set in.

Whilst clients may have embraced the sale of their home at the outset and been delighted with the offer for their home, it is only then that the hard work starts. Often a potential sale results in the property being withdrawn from the market because the older vendor cannot manage all the work that is involved.

The Senior Move Partnership, if introduced to clients early on in the sales process, can ensure that sales complete on time. Our support can assist clients with the paperwork involved, help downsize possessions, dispose of furniture unsuitable for their new home, clear the attics, sheds and garages, and support the clients both emotionally and physically – taking on the hard work all the way through the process.

Our experience shows that clients who use our services have a shorter sales cycle, the sale does not break down and the work for the Estate Agent is greatly reduced as the client’s concerns and questions are managed by The Senior Move Partnership.