At the end of every job, we ask all our clients for their valuable feedback. We take the time to review each piece of feedback and act on any suggestions.

We work to support clients at what can be a stressful time. We support clients and their families during the whole remit of a later life move. Moves often occur in challenging circumstances, for example a loved one may have passed away or health may be failing. Asking for feedback helps us ensure we are delivering the service to the highest of standards of professionalism, practice and empathy – vital during challenging times.

We ask if the client found the service provided useful. 100% of clients rate us at 5 out of 5 (very useful).

We ask if the client found the Senior Move Manager that they worked with to be helpful and courteous. 100% of clients rate us at 5 out of 5 (very helpful & courteous)

We ask if they would recommend The Senior Move Partnership to others if they were moving home and needed support during the process – 100% said they would.

And finally, we ask for a few words summing up the service they received. The comments we receive really reinforce ‘why we do what we do’ and that the service we have delivered over the years really makes a difference to those moving home. Our Senior Move Managers receive such wonderful praise – it makes us so proud that we have such a great, caring and professional team. Here is some of the previous weeks feedback.

‘ I knew what I wanted to achieve with my move, but with Debbie’s help and advice it was much better that I could have hoped for. She worked so hard on moving day and after. So thank you Senior Move Partnership but most of all thank you Debbie x’ MrB

‘ Suzy was amazing and really made a huge difference in helping us get unpacked. She was professional and organised. I would highly recommend her to anyone’ Mrs B

‘ Sue was a joy to work with. I could not have achieved nearly so much without her invaluable help’ Ms L

‘ Totally excellent. Before Hilary arrived I was feeling quite overwhelmed – and exhausted. By the time she left, I felt back in control. The whole visit was a pleasure’ Mrs B

‘ It was very useful and helpful especially in the current lockdown climate. Without Amanda’s local knowledge we would not have been able to find a removal firm. On the day she worked very hard in the kitchen and bedroom. Well done Amanda!!’ Mr and Mrs R

‘ It was hard work sorting and downsizing and at times emotional but Gail was so friendly and calming and we had a lot of laughs which made a difficult job so much easier’ Ms E