Whilst every move is different, requiring different services and support, there are several common worries that we hear and can help to overcome. We’ve listed below our clients’ five biggest concerns, along with details of how our services help to address them, paving the way for a stress-free move:

“The thought of de-cluttering and downsizing feels overwhelming” 

We understand that the family home has often accumulated many treasured possessions, with a lot of sentiment attached. There are practical ways to make those de-cluttering decisions easier – first and foremost, it’s important to remember that downsizing and moving on to an exciting new phase in life can be positive and liberating. 

We can also come up with creative solutions to help. For example, if clients have several dinner services, we might suggest taking one plate, saucer, cut etc from each, to preserve the memory.  We have also helped clients do things like digitise their photo libraries. 

It’s best to do little and often, sorting and cutting down gradually over a period of weeks or months. A cupboard or drawer a day perhaps, so that the process feels manageable. If this feels too overwhelming to do by yourself, a Senior Move Manager can work with you to help make these decisions – one item at a time. 

“The sheer level of admin involved worries me”

There is certainly lots to remember when moving and one of the key things that we do is help you get organised with a good checklist and project plan. Whether it’s informing friends and family, reading meters, changing your phoneline or notifying of a change of address, we can help – this is the bread and butter of our service.

 “How will all my furniture fit into my new home?”

Very early on in the process we have a planning session with you, where we look at floor plans for your new home and compare them to your current home. This enables us to think about what furniture should be taken and where it could go, giving you plenty of time to consider what your new home is going to look like. Floor planning helps you visualise and make the most of your new space. This way, you can avoid costly errors like taking too much furniture.

“I don’t like the thought of strangers in my home”

A Senior Move Manager takes the time to get to know and build a rapport with their client. Ultimately, you are in control and can participate in the hard work to whatever level you feel comfortable with. We have the upmost respect for you, your space and your possessions. Have a look at some of our testimonials to see the positive impact that inviting a Senior Move Manager to help with your move can have.

 “I’m concerned about the level of stress on the move day”

In addition to meticulously planning the logistics of the move, the Senior Move Manager gives thought to managing the moving day. From what boxes and rooms to prioritise unpacking and setting up, to ensuring you feel calm and supported, we offer a personalised move day experience. It is our aim to leave you with a functioning and safe new space; with the bed made, TV working and kettle on, so you can put your feet up and relax after we’ve left. 

We hope this demonstrates just some of the ways that the Senior Move Partnership can alleviate the stresses of a later life move. Contact us today for a consultation to help make your move a reality.