Our Senior Move Managers often support clients who are finding the prospect of moving home very challenging. A common concern we hear from our customers is that they are reluctant to part from belongings that will not fit in their new downsized home, because of the sentimental value they hold. 

The role of the Senior Move Manager is to find a solution to these kind of worries. For one of our recent clients, it was their incredible photography collection that presented the problem. 

With shelf upon shelf of photo albums, and no room in the clients’ new apartment to put them, it was our Senior Move Manager’s task to find a way to relocate this lifetime of memories without taking up too much space. 

In this case, our Senior Move Manager organised the digitisation of the client’s entire collection of 53 albums – more than 8000 photos. Transferring the images from hefty albums to a digital hard drive made the photos much more accessible, saved precious storage space, and satisfied the clients’ request to have the photos come with them to their new home. Our Senior Move Manager also set up a lovely digital photo frame. The physical albums were gifted to their adult children.

It’s the role of the Senior Move Manager to problem solve so that our clients don’t have to compromise on what’s important to them when they decide to move. Our partners are specially trained to handle sensitive circumstances like this, so that our customers feel that their requests are being fulfilled, not disregarded, during the moving process.