The tools and strategies our Senior Move Managers use to make sure clients get settled into their new homes 

It’s common for our partners to support clients for months leading up to a house move, making sure the moving parts and people come together effectively to make the relocation happen. The culmination of this preparation is ‘move day’. It’s a phrase that has become synonymous with stress for many movers. This doesn’t need to be the case – working with a Senior Move Manager on move day can turn an exhausting and overwhelming day into an exciting and joyful milestone. 

The Senior Move Partnership’s aim is to use our years of experience of relocation support to streamline our clients move days – bypassing all the unnecessary hassle and getting the customer moved in and settled as quickly as possible. For our Senior Move Managers, this means bringing all sorts of supplies with them to each move to solve common ‘just moved in’ problems and speed up the laborious moving process.

We asked our partners what their most essential move day items are and how they help the move go smoother. They had a lot to share!

Client safety is our priority 

A pair of pliers is never too far out of reach for our partners. A common move day task we tackle is customising shelving heights in kitchen cupboards, wardrobes and bookshelves to be better suited to our clients’ needs. It is the responsibility of a Senior Move Manager to assess the best way to organise the customers new space when floor planning so that their home is safe and accessible. This work is continued on move day – making sure kitchen cupboards are unpacked sensibly so that the contents aren’t hard to reach, for example. 

Colour coding cables with stickers to match cable to input helps to set up televisions and wifi boxes quickly, whilst using velcro to group cables together tidily prevents dangerous trips and falls.

Senior Move Managers are also respectful of hygiene and cleanliness when assisting a client on their move day. Our partners always bring items like “shoes covers, soap, a small towel, hand gel, wet wipes and surface wipes” with them. We understand that the last thing our customers want is to move into a beautiful new home and find a mess to clean up at the end of the day. In addition, The Senior Move Partnership adheres strictly to COVID-19 guidelines when working with clients and in their homes.

Keeping up the momentum with a smile

Having friendly support on hand to guide clients through the hustle and bustle of move day can be the difference between a positive or negative start to their new life chapter. Our team always arrive with “a sense of humour and tons of patience” for the tiring but rewarding day ahead. How we keep up momentum differs from move to move. Some customers like to leave the unpacking to our Senior Move Managers, whilst others prefer to help out – one of our partners told us they bring two box cutters with them; “my clients always want to have a go at opening boxes.”

Little tools can make the biggest difference – the trusty door wedge was mentioned as a useful item that our Senior Move Managers never forget to bring with them on move day. We often carry a kettle in the car boot – to make refreshments for the client whilst their kitchen is still packed away in boxes. A packet of biscuits on hand for the removal team is never a bad idea either!

Leaving the client comfortable and prepared

It’s an absolute priority for our Senior Move Managers that they leave clients feeling well settled and comfortable at the completion of a move. Our partners will set up any Hi Fi system, wifi or television by the end of the day, or will have made the arrangements to have these appliances up and running as soon as possible.

Post-It notes are an invaluable resource; by labelling each kitchen cupboard with its contents we can help our clients familiarise themselves with their new environment with greater ease. A Senior Move Manager will arrange for utilities accounts to be changed ahead of time, but can also leave clients with handy phone number or address cards to simplify future paperwork.

Our Senior Move Managers will prioritise unpacking the kitchen and bedrooms first, so that our clients have immediate access to all their basic amenities and can have a hot meal and a good night’s sleep on that first night in their new home. Once we have sensitively unpacked to the client’s satisfaction, we finish off move day by removing all empty boxes, packaging and waste, helping ensure the new home is inviting, safe and free of clutter.

These are just some of the tools and strategies The Senior Move Partnership employ when assisting our clients in moving home. We understand that making a difference for our customers means not just having the right tools, but knowing how to wield them. Behind every top tip and time saving tool is a Senior Move Manager who has spent years striving to provide exceptional support to those wishing to move in later life. 

Our clients agree:

“[My Senior Move Manager] was certainly a big help with the initial moving in phase e.g. with hanging curtains, making the bed, unpacking my kitchen and removing boxes”

“[My Senior Move Manager] provided essential, calming help during a very stressful operation. They knew just what was needed”

“[My Senior Move Manager] was a fantastic help. Nothing was too much trouble; all questions were answered; all problems were sorted. [They gave] advice and sensible suggestions from years of experience, often about things we had not even thought of. [Our Senior Move Manager] lowered our stress levels dramatically. We cannot recommend The Senior Move Partnership more highly.”

Trust The Senior Move Partnership to provide the expert advice and quality care that can make magic happen on your move day. Contact us today to find out more about our service.