When supporting a client to prepare for their move, one of the most important tasks is ensuring that decisions are made around what furniture to take to the new home and most importantly what will fit and what won’t.

Our colleague Jo Jacob (pictured) recently donned PPE and a hard hat, going on site before her client’s new property was ready to ensure she had some precise measurements to help with the floor planning. We need to know where the fireplace is going to be, where the sockets are, how much wall space is available and the location of radiators so that we can create helpful and accurate room plans.

Floor planning is a great tool to help a client visualise which of their current or any new furniture will fit in the new home. Sometimes a client will have purchased their new home ‘off plan’ and will not have had the opportunity to visit in person until pretty close to move day.

When using floor planning our focus is on ensuring the new home is easy and safe to move around – placing furniture that restricts access or walk ways is not an option. We want the new home to look wonderful but we also need to bear in mind the client’s ability to live safely in their new surroundings.

By using floor planning software we are able to create multiple examples of room layouts for a client – enabling them to decide what to take with them. This is a really cost effective way of planning ahead and making the right decisions before move day. We know from experience that taking too much furniture than the new home can safely hold can be costly in terms of extra removal and storage costs, and can be stressful!

Our clients are often moving from a large, established family home to a retirement apartment with fewer rooms. We work with them to maximise their new living space to accommodate their favourite pieces – with items no longer needed often going to auction or for donation.

Whether you floor plan using software or are ‘old school’ using cut out cardboard scaled furniture pieces – it really is a great approach to help with the downsizing process.

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