Every month we like to shine a light on one of our wonderful Senior Move Managers. They are what makes our service so special. They bring warmth, sensitivity and common sense when it comes to supporting an older client with their home move.

This month our partner Amanda Manson is the one we are praising! Based in the North West, Amanda has been one of the backbones of our support across the North for a number of years. Many thanks Amanda for all you do when supporting one of our clients – your help is very much appreciated by all.

We asked Amanda to share a bit more about herself.

1. What is your favourite part of working as a Senior Move Manager?

Definitely the people I meet, their back stories, memories and amazing energy when approaching such a major life-change.

2. What part of your work do you find the hardest?

Working my diary around clients who believe they can do everything themselves, then realising a few days before move day that they’ve still a mountain to sort out! I always encourage clients to be realistic around timeframes and volume of possessions, regularly checking in with them to keep them motivated and on track for completion. 

3. What did you do before becoming a Senior Move Manager?

I’ve been home organising & decluttering for clients since 2011 and continue to do so. Prior to that I spent many years in the insurance claims industry where for the last couple of years before leaving I was moving people and their things from large office spaces to much smaller spaces, decluttering their work things throughout the process – not too dissimilar to what I now do with my Senior Move Partnership clients!!

4. What misconceptions do people have about our work?

That we are a ‘man & van’ service or removal firm. Whilst moving smaller pieces of furniture or boxes is not off limits, I often have to reiterate that I’m there to help facilitate those particular aspects of the move, rather than to do them myself!

5. If you get a free moment, what do you do to unwind?

I love working out with my personal trainer or going out for a run – it gives me headspace and keeps me fit for my work. That, or enjoying drinks & a meal out with family.

6. What’s the most unique request you have dealt with for a client and how did you do so?

Not unique as such, more extreme in number! Being asked to find space for 11 antique dining chairs in a 2-bedroom apartment, for a person who was living on their own. We got all of them in at the client’s request, before they finally admitted defeat and realised that I was right in that you can’t squash a lifetime’s worth of possessions from a 4-bed house into a 2-bed apartment.