Anyone who has ever moved home knows that sorting, packing, and unpacking can be a time consuming and a strenuous activity.

In addition, there are so many decisions to be made and other jobs to be done – if you, or your client, has not moved for many years or if they are unwell, the thought of moving home can be too overwhelming to contemplate.

Whatever the needs, we can assist. We can manage the whole moving process, leaving the client to look forward to settling into their new home.

Downsizing brings a range of challenges both emotional and practical.

The new home might be smaller than at present and therefore decisions will need to be made around what will safely fit and where.

We offer sensitive, practical hands on support for the task of downsizing – working sensitively with the client to choose those things which are right for them and their new home. Often clients have lived in their home for a very long time – raising their families. Each room will evoke special memories and possessions will be precious for a wide range of reasons. We work at the client’s pace, helping them access the harder to reach areas – ensuring they feel in control and comfortable with the decisions that they are making.

Not moving? We can help clients to ‘live better’ in their current home.

Some clients prefer to stay in their current home and ‘age in place’. 

We can provide specialist support with this – from helping to re-organise the current home, to decluttering, to arranging contractors to carry out property changes and providing support with paperwork.

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