The Senior Move Partnership (TSMP) formed in 2012. It’s purpose is to provide high quality, sensitive, bespoke, specialist relocation services to older people. We operate throughout England, Scotland and Wales.

A decision was made at the outset that our service would be delivered to the highest standards and be based on the framework of service ethics, safety, good practice and training as promoted through The National Association of Senior Move Managers.

A Senior Move Manager is a person who has extensive training, experience and empathy – this enables them to provide a full range of quality support services for an older person who is downsizing their home in later life. 

In order to provide our quality service, we ensure that no partner or partner employee support a client unless they have passed our vetting and training process.

Our Team have years of experience in helping older people to move home. Our team spends all day immersed in the work of Senior Move Management.

Why Choose Us?

The Senior Move Partnership difference

Our trained team of Senior Move Managers work on a daily basis with older clients. We only work in the retirement sector.

We are: 

Excellent project managers – with experience and understanding of all elements of the moving home process and of what needs to take place at each stage. This ensures that we help the client to achieve their goal of a stress-free home move. We pride ourselves on delivering a superb service to meet our client’s needs – wherever they live and wherever they are moving to .

Experienced in planning and delivering the physical support required – our clients often need help with the tasks involved with downsizing. They may not be able to reach the top cupboards, or lift heavy items from shelves, they may tire quickly but they want to be involved and remain in control of their move. We work on a one to one basis with our clients, delivering on-site downsizing support. We work hard to understand the concerns of our clients and their families – to make sure we deliver the best and most cost-effective solution for them.

Ready with emotional support – our clients often get to a point in the sale & purchase when they feel overwhelmed by the paper work, the seemingly never ending ‘impossible’ questions that solicitors want answered and start to think it’s just not worth continuing. This is where our ability to provide emotional support is so beneficial and can prevent a lost sale. By working closely with the client, we are aware when things become too much, are happy to make a cup of tea and listen to their concerns and provide copious amounts of reassurance and practical help. We are their support throughout what can be a challenging time.

Senior Relocation Training

We have many years experience in developing and delivering Senior Move Management services. This has enabled us to develop a range of practical in-depth training courses covering the most important aspects of our work. We can offer training on a 121 basis or to groups.

Speakers and Presentations

If you are looking for a professional Senior Move Manager to provide expert insight at a forthcoming event – get in touch. We can provide speakers and a range of presentations on every aspect of moving home in later life. 

Meet the Team